Monday, November 17, 2008

Disney on Ice!

On Saturday, I took Hailey and Taveon to Disney on Ice!! It was a blast and the kids loved it. They were screaming and so excited to be there. We all really enjoyed it. I would definitely go again. Hailey's favorite part was the princesses. Taveon's was Nemo. They're freakin' cute!! Hailey wanted to be sure that we got a lot of pictures so we could show Aunt Melanie. Here you go Mel!


Trav and Mel...... said...

Soo much fun. I am glad you took a lot of pictures because Hailey PROMISED she would send some to me :). So Hailey loved the princess', Taveon loved Nemo, what was your favorite part :)?

Jessica said...

I want to go to that! I always have wanted to. Someday!

Joe and Kenzie said...

Thanks min... I la la love you too! I miss you but December is a HORRIBLE month for me finals, christmas, parties, finals, finals and then Hawaii! I promise January!