Saturday, October 10, 2009

Dun Dun Da Dun......

That's the wedding march, by the way.... My friend Chad is getting married!! Wahoo!! And to a great girl, Kandace!!! They are so freakin' cute together. They asked me to take their engagement photos!! Of course, I was excited!!!! So here is my first real attempt on doing engagement photos, what a cute couple. They were incredibly patient with me and such good sports. It was a lot of fun. Take a look and tell me what you think! I'll also be doing their Bridals/Goomals (meaning Bride and Groom). So stay tuned!!

Let the Halloween Festivities Begin!!

Here comes Halloween!!! That means, pumpkins, corn stalks, haunted houses and much much more!! Here is the beginning. Me and a few friends went to Thanksgiving Point for some fun! We went through a 3D Fun House, a Corn Maze, and bounced on a bubble!!! It was a blast!! There are also pictures from Dustin's birthday! Happy Birthday Dust!! You're such a good sport for gettin' on that saddle! haha


Yes yes..... I know..... Cali again!! But what can I say, I love it out there! I was able to spend time with my Grandma and Cousins. I also went to the beach. Corona Del Mar. It was beautiful and I swear, everything is so much better at the beach, it makes my day and is probably the most relaxing place on earth for me. Water, Sun, Sand, what else do you need!?!? Love it! When we left, people were setting up for a little ring ceremony. How perfect.


Happy Birthday Owen and Jesse!! These boys are getting so big and are so freakin' adorable!!! They both crack me up. They also both had their birthdays in September. Owen turned 3, he had a Cars birthday. and Jesse turned 6. Jesse had a pretty awesome party, it was a pirate birthday, he was Cap'n Jesse Sparrow. It was a lot of fun for the kids, but a lot of work for the adults haha. Take a look!

Mt. Timp

Here I go, I'm going to finish updating the past little bit. This one will be about Mt. Timpanogos, I headed up with some friends and their family. We just hiked up and went through the cave. It was the first cave I've ever been in. It was pretty cool! Here are some pics!