Saturday, December 27, 2008


I don't think there has ever been a better dog..... He will surely be missed by all. The sweetest big dog you could find. Owen loved to just be right in his face all the time and Bradley would just stare back. He would never snap or bite no matter how annoying someone would get with him. Owen also loved to sit on him like a horse. Bradley would just lay and let him. He would get as happy as a puppy when someone would pet him. Also, when he would go on walks you could hear him a mile away, he would get so excited. He was a very loveable dog and his family, the Sugden's, miss him tremendously. Newton is also pretty lonely to not have his big brother/buddy around. Rest in Peace Bradley, we all love you! And sorry, Melis and Jeff, for your loss. He's been with your family for years....

Sunday, December 21, 2008

8 Things

8 Of my Favorite Books
1) Twilight books
2) Believing Christ
3) Anything by Mary Higgins Clark
4) Mysteries
5) A Child called it
6) Whatever someone tells me is a good book
I don't get to read too often

8 Things That Happened Yesterday
1) Taveon waking me up at 5.....What a cutie...
2) Got ready
3) Played with Maggie and took pics
4) Crocheted a hat
5) Spent time with my Mom
6) Went to a wedding reception in Provo
7) Finished Christmas shopping
8) Wrapped Presents!
Busy Day!

8 Things To Look Forward To-
1) Christmas
2) Starting School again
3) Picking a Major haha
4) New York in Spring
5) Maggie getting better
6) Summer!
7) Starting my new calling as a sunbeam teacher!! I'm really excited :-D
8) My Future!

8 Things On My Wish List-
1) Being out of debt
2) Finishing School
3) Being healthy
4) Getting my own place
5) To travel the world!
6) Live somewhere tropical for a while
7) You know, the usual. Having a happy healthy family!
8) I can't think of anymore, my life is pretty good :)

8 Things I Love About Winter-
1) Christmas
2) Coats and scarves (I'm with Kenzie on this one)
3) Christmas lights and songs
4) The snow is gorgeous for pics!
5) Fun in the snow
6) Christmas movie with hot cocoa and a fire.....Perfect!
7) Family getting together
8) Christmas carols!

8 To Tag -
1) Amy
2) Megan
3) Randi
4) Melissa
5) Michelle
6) Melanie
7) Lori
8) Jess

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Work Christmas Luncheon

We are one lucky group!! Not only did we get a company Christmas party, but we got a Christmas luncheon also!! At none other than the Cheesecake Factory!! Yum yum yum..... It was delicious!! If anyone goes there, I HIGHLY recommend the Avacado Eggrolls, possibly the best appetizer I've ever had. Their White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Cheesecake was delish as well!! It was a lot of fun! We also all got certificates for our "part" that we play in our group. I was named "Head Cheerleader" and here is the cheer that was made for me. "Ready, okay. From morning till night, group spirit is her fight" Haha it was kind of cute. We also did white elephant gifts. I got two magnets, one says "Next Mood Swing 0:06" and another one that said "The trouble with getting to work on time, is that it makes work too long" haha. Ya, needless to say, no one wanted to trade with me. I do have some pretty funny pictures though. Tye got reindeer ears that are actually for a dog. While he was trying them on, I took a picture at the exact time that the strap came up and hit him in the nose! Can I say perfect timing??? It was hilarious! Enjoy the pics! Love to all!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Company Christmas Party!

Oh boy.....Was this interesting... Haha. We had our Company Christmas party at the Little America this year. We had a Murder Mystery dinner. The place was beautiful, the entertainment was all right. But being at our table is what made it fun!! :-) The theme of the Murder Mystery were us being an audience for an Oscar Nominee thingy... haha They were handing out "Oscars" for some of the group leaders for a job well done in some way. Well, our boss got an award for bringing in some money.... They called his name to come up and......nothing......he walked out into the hall. So they then called Christy to come up to accept the award for him. The next thing I know, is that I'm down on the ground......ya.....Christy ripped me out of my chair to come up with her, I wasn't prepared so I dropped to the ground, once she finally got me back up, I looked over and Amy was laying across the chairs cause Christy was pulling her to come up as well haha. It was hilarious to see, I'm sure. People said we looked like two Rag Dolls that Christy pulled up. So we had to go on stage, Amy and I both said something to accept the award, while Christy just stood there, haha It was pretty funny and quite the show!! I wish I had it on video!! It was great! At least the highlight of my night! Here are some pics, kinda blurry but they work. :)

Monday, December 8, 2008


Can you believe it!?!?! That's how much I paid to fill my ENTIRE tank of gas!! Now tell me who's not jealous.... ;-)