Saturday, December 27, 2008


I don't think there has ever been a better dog..... He will surely be missed by all. The sweetest big dog you could find. Owen loved to just be right in his face all the time and Bradley would just stare back. He would never snap or bite no matter how annoying someone would get with him. Owen also loved to sit on him like a horse. Bradley would just lay and let him. He would get as happy as a puppy when someone would pet him. Also, when he would go on walks you could hear him a mile away, he would get so excited. He was a very loveable dog and his family, the Sugden's, miss him tremendously. Newton is also pretty lonely to not have his big brother/buddy around. Rest in Peace Bradley, we all love you! And sorry, Melis and Jeff, for your loss. He's been with your family for years....

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