Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Company Christmas Party!

Oh boy.....Was this interesting... Haha. We had our Company Christmas party at the Little America this year. We had a Murder Mystery dinner. The place was beautiful, the entertainment was all right. But being at our table is what made it fun!! :-) The theme of the Murder Mystery were us being an audience for an Oscar Nominee thingy... haha They were handing out "Oscars" for some of the group leaders for a job well done in some way. Well, our boss got an award for bringing in some money.... They called his name to come up and......nothing......he walked out into the hall. So they then called Christy to come up to accept the award for him. The next thing I know, is that I'm down on the ground......ya.....Christy ripped me out of my chair to come up with her, I wasn't prepared so I dropped to the ground, once she finally got me back up, I looked over and Amy was laying across the chairs cause Christy was pulling her to come up as well haha. It was hilarious to see, I'm sure. People said we looked like two Rag Dolls that Christy pulled up. So we had to go on stage, Amy and I both said something to accept the award, while Christy just stood there, haha It was pretty funny and quite the show!! I wish I had it on video!! It was great! At least the highlight of my night! Here are some pics, kinda blurry but they work. :)

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