Thursday, October 2, 2008


I am: Ready for a vacation!
I found: That I need to focus on who I want to become in all aspects of my life.
I think: Way too much
I know: That everything will be ok :)
I want: A lot of things. For one, be out of debt!!! It's not terrible, but enough to make me stress
I dislike: That my teeth just cost me $1,000!!!!! Unbelievable!
I miss: The good ole stress free days.....Can't even remember when they were
I fear: Underwater Creatures haha
I feel: Peaceful but determined! :-D
I hear: That Ghost Town is pretty dang funny! Thanks Mel, I'll have to watch it!
I smell: Lickable haha that's what people tell me anyway.
I crave: Sweets when they're unavailable, but when there's a lot around, I don't want any....Weird.....
I usually: Procrastinate, but I realize if you just get it done it's one last thing you have to worry about! I'm still workin on it
I search: Everywhere for that one thing I can't find....Can anyone else relate?
I wonder: What goes through peoples heads sometimes, where does their "logic" come from!?!
I regret: Nothing, isn't that how you learn and grow?
I wish: I knew the future. But then it wouldn't be as exciting..
I love: My family, puppies, kids, the beach, hugs, etc. etc. etc.
I care: A great deal about the people I love
I always: Think of ways I need to improve. It doesn't take too much thinking, it's pretty obvious.....
I worry: Of losing a loved one
I remember: The good, happy, exciting, butterfly in your stomach kinda of times throughout my life :-D
I sing: All the time (ask my coworkers) but I could use some improvement ;)
I don't always: Think twice before speaking.
I write: Down EVERYTHING!!! Goals, To do's, etc... I've got post-its galore and check out my cell phone calendar. I don't have that much of a memory
I win: Very seldom. I did win a Kitchen Aid Blender at my company party at Clarke! Yep, that's a great win!! :) That's about it
I lose: All the time, needless to say, I'm not a poor loser haha
I listen: To music all the time
I don't understand: A lot of things. For one, liars....People, no matter what you think, the truth will ALWAYS come out, not sometimes, or once in a while but ALWAYS, I just don't get it. Lying gets you nowhere in life. Sometimes, it's frustrating.... (sorry about my ranting, but I've been lied to way too much) :)
I can usually be found: At work or with family
I forget: Everything....Remember all my post-its!?!
I am happy: When people around me are happy

I TAG: Megan, Amy, and Naomi

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