Monday, October 6, 2008

Fun fun fun!!

I'm leaving town on Wednesday so I thought I'd post a little update before I left. A couple saturdays ago, I took the boys to the park to play and so I could take some pics of them. I think they're favorite part was the swings!! We had a lot of fun. Poor little Owen couldn't do all the things that Jesse could cause he was so small. He was a little sad. But I think he still had fun! :) My cousin Sarah and her boyfriend Jason came in to town for only a day, but it was a lot of fun to be with them. We went to lunch, then took them around the Salt Lake Temple cause Jason has never been to Utah before. We then went to Dustins and visited and played a little PR ;-) haha it was a lot of fun. The kids also had a blast dressing up!! They kept asking me to take their pictures haha they had fun! That's about it! Just some fun with family!! I absolutely love it! And I can't wait to leave for St. George on thursday, it will be awesome! And VERY much needed!! :-D Sorry there is a ton of pictures this time..... One more thing. Please everyone prayer for little Maggie, she really needs all the prayers she can get right now so she can get better, get off her oxygen, and avoid getting a tracheotomy. She's a sweet little girl and handles things amazingly, considering what she's been through. We are all hoping and praying for the best with her and her family. I love you guys!!


Melissa said...

So cute! Owen is making some crazy faces!! :) And I'm glad you took so many pictures while Sarah was here! I wish I wouldn't have been sick so I could have hung out with you guys!

Joe and Kenzie Graham said...

Yay I always love updates! Hey how did you do that with your friends list?

Sarah said...

You take such great pictures!!! I'm glad we got out there... we will have to make another trip, soon, I hope!
Thank you very much for taking us around and teaching us PR... haha... we played it on our way to San Diego the following Saturday! (Not as much fun with just 2 people!)