Thursday, July 30, 2009

Please please please pray for Maggie!

Maggie is back in the hospital with a very bad infection, they don't know what kind, where it came from, or how to treat it. She doesn't look like her self, she's pumped with so many fluids and just looks miserable. She needs so many prayers. She went into the hospital last night with a fever of 105. She hasn't improved from being in there all day. We are praying that she will start to improve by tomorrow. So please, any prayers would help. This little girl has been through so much, it's time for her to catch a break! Here are pics I took of her on July 24th. She's such a doll and strong little girl.


Megan and Cory said...

We'll keep her in our prayers. She's so beautiful!

Marissa said...

oh Mindy! This just breaks my heart. She is such a sweet little girl. I think it hits home, since Kaylee is around her same age. She will be in our prayers for sure.

Tramanda said...

Those are adorable pictures, Mindy! She is so sweet--we will definitely keep her in our prayers.