Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Santa Visits!!

Yes, I know..... Still catching up! :)
The Agnew's had a great surprise this Christmas! Since it isn't best for Maggie to go outdoors during RSV season, especially to be around a ton of sick kids and germs. They had a surprise visit at their house! Santa stopped by!! How exciting!! Well, I think Hailey was the only one truly excited Taveon and Maggie weren't so sure about him haha you can tell by the pictures. But Santa still gave them all a gift and best wishes. Pictures tell all, so take a look!


Michelle and Sean said...

Thanks mindy!! What happened to the pick that they took of us all(you included)? You should have posted that one. They turned out cute!!

Diogo and Abby said...

Mindy, can you email me your mailing address and phone number. Diogo and I have set a temple date and would like to send you an announcement.