Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Who loves Lagoon??? I do.... Every once in a while anyway. I went to Lagoon on August 20th. It was fun and it wasn't too hot so it was great. When we went on the train to go see all the animals. First of all, those poor little animals they don't deserve to be locked up cause where they live is horrible and not taken care of. They'd be much better off in the Zoo! Anyway, while riding the train, I noticed that a poor little chicken was stuck on the barbed wire, we tried to get him off, but we ended up calling someone that worked in the park, he got gloves and saved the little guy. Poor thing. We had fun though. Wicked still gets me every time! Gotta love it!!

Company Party

My Company party was at Boondocks this year. And it was the best Company Party yet! It was a blast. Go Karts, simulators, and Laser Tag with the people in our group, loved it! It was nice for a change and it was definitely the most fun. I only have a few pics. You know me! It's not a post unless there are pictures! :)


I am going to post a few updates so keep your eyes open, it may take me a bit to get completely caught up! But here I go! I left off at Maggie going to the hospital. I'm sorry I'm just now letting you know. But she is doing much better, with her infection anyway, she was able to get rid of it. She is gaining weight, but slowly, her hips are weak and so are her legs but she still tries to crawl, and tries to pull herself up to the table to stand. She's freakin' cute, she's also learning sign language. I gave her her blanket and she told me thank you in sign language. Maggie was also blessed, so I have posted some pics from that day then I took some other pics of her in her pretty dress. Maggie is still having heart problems and will be getting leg braces soon and she still has her hip brace, and she still may need to have the surgery on her head. I will keep you updated on her!! Love to all and thanks again for all the love and prayers for Maggie.