Tuesday, May 19, 2009

In Memory of Leo Mckinney (Grandpa)

My Grandpa. What a wonderful wonderful man. He could always make you laugh no matter what. He brightened my day every day I would see him. Even if it was just because he called me "bubble butt" Or even when he would ask me if my face hurt cause it was killin' him. haha He was a major jokester, I think that's one thing we will always remember about him. Even if he did use the same joke a few times ;-) I remember when I was younger, we would go visit him and my Grandma in California, he would take each of us back, one at a time, for maybe an hour or more, so he could have us listen to his German music as he talked about politics and the past. He's so freakin' cute! He would be so excited to have us back there with him. As we got older, he started bringing us in one at a time still, but now it was to see his new electronic toy!! Whether it be a new computer, printer, picture editing software, tv, or camera's. He was definitely up to date on his electronics! Usually ahead of me!! Every time I would go visit, he would talk to me about my Digital SLR camera and his new Olympus camera. Always telling us what was better quality. My Grandpa was the most amazing scenery photgrapher I think I have ever seen and this was back when it was just slides!! I saw some of his work and I was blown away. That's one thing I struggle in when taking pictures. But he's an inspiration to make me try harder. He loved having his grandkids over, even when he wasn't feeling well he would try to spend as much time with us as he could, he even got a little more energy being with us. One women gave him his happiness and his twinkle in his eye though, and that is the one and only, Betsy Mckinney, my amazing Grandma who has done an AMAZING job taking care of him and just being at his side. These two people are people to look up to. So giving and loving. I can't express how much they both mean to me. My poor Grandma had to watch her husband pass and a week later, the other love of her life, her dog Gretchen. I can't imagine going through all that in such a short time. Man, she is one strong strong woman!! Love you Grandma and you are a great example to us all.
A few of us were able to head down to the funeral in California. Melissa, Melanie, and I sang "God be with you till we meet again" at his funeral. We got through the first verse just fine. Then my Grandma started crying so all three of us broke down at the same time and literally blubbered through the rest of the song when we should have just stopped. It was quite embarrassing. I just hope it made my Grandpa laugh, I'm sure he would have enjoyed that :-) In fact our uncle came up to us after and said "you started out like beautiful songbirds and ended up like the chipmunks!" haha I was glad I was able to sing with my sisters though. Here are a few pics of visiting at the funeral and also when we were able to spend time with family Kareoking and at the beach! Enjoy! We love you and miss you so so much G-pa! xoxoxo

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