Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Today was my Dad's birthday!! Wahoo!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!! I called and sang to him while I was at work today. Here's a pic to celebrate the happy occasion :)
Today was also the first day I have seen Hailey play in her soccer game!! Take a look at her go! It was fun to go and she is one cute little Soccer player, that's fo' shizzle! ;-)

Suzy Grace

All right, I finally got the time to go over and see Suzy Grace for a little while, she's a pretty good little baby and very cuddly!! :-). Here are some pics I managed to take of her while I was there. Adorable!!! :)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Manti (Long, but worth the read)

This past weekend, Julie and I headed down to Manti for our friend Megan's wedding. We headed down on Friday, we got there kind of late so we just grabbed some dinner and went to the house. On Saturday morning, we decided to go 4-wheeling up to Milky falls. Once we got up there, we tried to hike up to the falls, but the current was too strong so we had to turn back. We walked through knee deep old snow. And we just about sank when we walked in the mud, it was pretty fun. When we got back to the house, we were a bit tired so we just rested and watched "Frequency". When the movie ended, we decided to go on a walk. Well.....this walk turned into a hike up to the "M" on the mountain. It was blazing hot!!!!!!!!! and we didn't have any water with us. It also didn't help that my foot was halfway out of my shoe cause I was getting blisters, oh, and the athletes asthma! On the way down the mountain, my fingers looked like short fat sausages cause it was so hot and dry, it was a little weird looking. But all in all, it was a good time. :) We then got back to the house and got ready to go to Megan's wedding. Our friend Paul came over and we all went together. Megan looked beautiful and happy. Her decorations were also amazing. So we went to the reception, ate some fruit, visited a little then the 3 of us headed to dinner. Afterwards, Julie, Paul, and I walked to the Manti Temple. That Temple is so gorgeous!!! It was a perfect weather night also. We just walked around and took some fun pictures! Now Sunday was one interesting day......I think I'm bad luck and you'll see why. Julie and I got the house in order and left to come back home. We were driving my car. We stopped in Nephi to drop Paul's stuff off to him. We then got back on the freeway and within 30 min. of driving, my car started slowing down, oh great!! So I pulled over to the side. By the time I got to the side of the road, my car had already turned itself off. You guessed it!!! My car was dead!!! Brings back memories of driving to Cali! haha. So Julie and I are pulled over to the side of the road, in the heat, with no air conditioning or water...... Paul was the closest to us at the time so he came out and tried to tow me. Well, the tow rope came undone once, so we tied it in knots, then those started to come undone. So I just had Paul tow me off the freeway into some shade, what a lifesaver!!! You'll understand why once this story is over. So he pulls me off the freeway, we ended up having to cut the tow rope off from my car. By this time, I had called my Mom and Scott to come and help me cause he tows all the time and my Mom didn't really feel safe about me without her there (you know how Mom's are) :) Gotta love her! So I told Paul to just take Julie home and I would wait for my Mom. Time passes......She finally calls, they got off the wrong exit but are heading to the right one. Time passes some more.............Here's my Mom calling again to tell me that their car had BROKEN DOWN!!!!! haha Can you believe it!?!?! Cause I thought she was joking!!!! Scott's vehicles never break down, he's like a mechanic!!!! My goodness..... So then I called my friend BJ, he was the next closest to where I was, and knew a little bit about the situation. So he started to head out and guess what!??! He actually made it safe, with his car still running, with all 4 tires intact, and he took the right exit haha. By this time, I had been waiting for a way home for 4 1/2 hours. It's a good thing I wasn't stranded on the freeway the entire time cause I would have gotten heatstroke for sure. It's also good that BJ arrived when he did, cause that's a long time in the heat with no cold water (the Arby's was closed) ;-). I had the worst headache after that. So, he came and picked me up, then we went and picked my Mom and Scott at his stranded truck haha, then came back to my car. BJ and Scott pushed my car while I drove it into a parking spot. Lets not forget that this parking lot is getting torn up on Tuesday, so I had to get my car out of there by Monday!! So BJ took us all home, and in my Mom's and Scott's words he's a Savior and a Blessing. He was definitely extremely helpful and actually made it out to us pretty quickly! Now Monday, I spent the entire day talking with my Insurance agent to find a reasonably priced tow truck for me. Nothin came up. So my friend Kristi borrowed her brother's truck and her fam's trailer to help me pick up my car. We headed out there after work. My Mom and Scott arrived down there about the same time we did. They all pushed me and my car onto the trailer. Then I realize, I can't get out the door! haha So I had to crawl out through the window, my Mom had the camera out and caught some pics of the whole ordeal. It was funny. But I am so EXTREMELY Thankful for EVERYBODY'S efforts in helping me. I don't know what I would do without any of them. Thank you Paul, Mom, Scott, BJ, Kristi (and your bro and fam!) without you guys, I wouldn't be home as quickly as I was able to get home, my car would still be in Provo, I could have had heatstroke, and you are just overall LIFESAVERS!!!!!! What amazing people! I just hope you all know how grateful I am!! Now, here are some pics to kind of help follow the story.... :)

Monday, May 19, 2008

Catch up!!

Alright, So I need to catch up on a few things. I had a new niece born on April 24th , her name is Suzy Grace!! I have only seen her once so I don't have too many pics, I need to go visit soon!! Here are a couple though. She's adorable!! Family is doing well and are very happy!!

Now on April 10th, Christy, Amy, Errin and I were givin tickets to go see the Blaze game!!! It was awesome and so much fun! The best part about the entire night is that I was able to get a cup of the ice cream of the future.........DIPPIN' DOTS!!!!!!!!! They are my absolute favorite ice cream ever!! Yummm.... And to top it all off, the Blaze won!! Pretty intense game, it was a ton of fun!! Thanks Rick!!! Photos to show our fun! ;-)

Now here's some news that I don't have any pics for. But one of my bestest friends ever got married on Wednesday the 14th!!! Brian!!! Congrats to ya!!! He married Stevie that he met up in Logan, I'm way excited for them both!! They'll be living in Logan so that's a bummer, I'll hardly see them. But what exciting news!!!

On Friday the 16th, I took my coworkers and his wife's Harley's and took some pics of them. I'm not very good at taking pictures of objects instead of people, I'm still learning, but I'll post a few pics anyway, I think some of them are pretty sweet! I never knew this, but Harley has their name posted everywhere on these bikes, places I wouldn't even imagine, so I tried to get some shots of that. Enjoy!! I've also got a pretty exciting story that I'll have to wait and post tomorrow!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Hot Stuff!!

I went to Jesse's T-ball game for the first time. It was so dang cute!! He has an awesome coach that really knows how to teach kids how to hit a ball. They were funny, running/walking to all sorts of places on the field. I love to watch 4 year olds play sports they just have fun and don't care about the score. And after the game they all go and shake hands telling each other "good game" just look at these pics and see how cute it is. Kids definitely make life fun and light! Gotta love 'em!!! :-D

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

JK's Graduation!