Monday, May 19, 2008

Catch up!!

Alright, So I need to catch up on a few things. I had a new niece born on April 24th , her name is Suzy Grace!! I have only seen her once so I don't have too many pics, I need to go visit soon!! Here are a couple though. She's adorable!! Family is doing well and are very happy!!

Now on April 10th, Christy, Amy, Errin and I were givin tickets to go see the Blaze game!!! It was awesome and so much fun! The best part about the entire night is that I was able to get a cup of the ice cream of the future.........DIPPIN' DOTS!!!!!!!!! They are my absolute favorite ice cream ever!! Yummm.... And to top it all off, the Blaze won!! Pretty intense game, it was a ton of fun!! Thanks Rick!!! Photos to show our fun! ;-)

Now here's some news that I don't have any pics for. But one of my bestest friends ever got married on Wednesday the 14th!!! Brian!!! Congrats to ya!!! He married Stevie that he met up in Logan, I'm way excited for them both!! They'll be living in Logan so that's a bummer, I'll hardly see them. But what exciting news!!!

On Friday the 16th, I took my coworkers and his wife's Harley's and took some pics of them. I'm not very good at taking pictures of objects instead of people, I'm still learning, but I'll post a few pics anyway, I think some of them are pretty sweet! I never knew this, but Harley has their name posted everywhere on these bikes, places I wouldn't even imagine, so I tried to get some shots of that. Enjoy!! I've also got a pretty exciting story that I'll have to wait and post tomorrow!

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