Sunday, June 8, 2008

Baja Mexico Cruise!!!

I went on a cruise last week. And let me tell you, it was a very much needed cruise, just to get away for a while. I went with some of my best friends, Julie, Kristin, and Erin. We had a blast!! It started out in LA. So we just got on the ship, named "Monarch of the Seas", laid out and explored the ship, it was pretty relaxing and fun. The next port was in San Diego, we've all been there before so we just stayed on the ship, went to the gym, and soaked up some sun! It was pretty good weather. Us four also had our own table for dinner, it was in the corner and very nice and cozy with a window seat. Our Assistant waiter was awesome! He had a trick for us almost every night, and he was funny!! Every night after dinner, they had a show so we tried our hardest to make it to each show. I think everyone will agree with me when I say that we all thought that Troy Thurgill was the best comedian the whole cruise, he was hilarious!! The next port was Catalina Island. We got off the ship here and rented some bikes to ride around town. Julie and Erin went Kayaking, while Kristin and I went shopping. It was a pretty little Island. Oh but don't worry, it was my bike that broke down haha of course!! But Erin saved the day and fixed it!! Thanks Erin!! Our last stop was Ensenada Mexico! I have decided that I love Mexico!!! We took an hour tour bus to get to our Rosarito Beach Party! It was a lot of fun, we went to a few little shops, laid out, got some tattoos ;-) and played on the beach. They also had horses you could ride on the beach, it was pretty cool with perfect weather!! It was just a fun relaxing getaway with some of the girls! And now, I have quite a few pictures to share. :-D What do you expect from a photographer!?!?!


The Buys said...

I must say I am super Jealous!!! It looks like you guys had a ton of fun. I miss you all so much

Abby Emma said...

Wow this made me miss you all so much. Looks like you had a blast. Well, I'll be back to Utah for good in about a year and a few months. I can't wait to be home. Hawaii living is great but it's definately time to get out of the military. I've lived here now for 3 years now. Crazy how time flies. Diogo and I volunteered to go to Afgan and will be leaving 25 Jan. Right when we get back tho we will officially be Civilians!! Yahoo. You look really good. Any hotties you're dating? Where are you living? When I come back I want to for sure go on a little trip like this. It'd be so nice to have you all around again. Keep in touch ok. I really do miss you.