Thursday, July 31, 2008


I know, I know.... It's been a while since I've updated. But here I am to tell you what fun things I've been up to!!! Well, It's been a month, so I'll try to keep things straight. I also have a lot of pics! Hope you enjoy! Cause that's my favorite thing to see on peoples blogs are pictures! Anyway, here I go!! First off, I forgot to mention that two of my close friends got married!! Yay! Kristin and Megan! Congrats girls! Love you much! I then had my birthday! :) So me and some friends went to dinner and of course to go see Hancock!! How can I not see Hancock when it comes out on my Birthday!?!? Come on, if any of you know me, you know I love Will Smith! haha, it was a pretty good movie though. Then on the 3rd, were the Eaglewood fireworks!! Can't miss those!! So BJ and I went up there with Melissa and her fam, it was a lot of fun! On the 4th, we celebrated BJ's niece, Trinity's, birthday and went to fireworks at Thanksgiving Point. Way cool! A few birthdays went by for the month of July also. So here's a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jessica, Lori, Naomi, Melissa, Melanie, and Kenzie!! And another wedding, Alex and Elisabeth Martin, so congrats to them! Oh ya! I also helped a baby bird! I woke up one morning with something hitting my window and chirping very loudly, so I finally got up to see what it was. It was a poor baby bird who fell in my window well and couldn't get out. So I helped the little guy out. When I came back into my room, he was there again!! But don't worry, this time I took him far away to where his parents were. I hope he's doin alright! So one night, a few of us went to Milcreek Canyon to have a fire! Ya, it turned out to be more of a smoke haha some people stole our wood so our "fire" was pretty pathetic, but we still had a blast!! I'll have to post some pictures of that night up later. We were all pretty crazy and just had fun! My Dad came into town and brought his wife Julieta and Step son Ben. It was fun to have them here! We went and had dinner with them up in Park City on Friday, then on Saturday, we all went to Lagoon!! Man that was fun but I forgot how exhausting it is! haha We all had a blast though. Ben may be moving to America within the next 2 years! He lives in England right now. But we are all really excited if he comes out here cause he is a lot of fun and totally fits in with our family! Well that's about all the major exciting things that have been happening. So take a look at my pics! And I'll try to stay updated more often, sorry!!